Recovery from sexual addictions and healing from the trauma they inflict is possible. Working with the framework of the internationally-used LifeStar recovery program, we will guide you to abandon the behaviors and give you tools to find lasting recovery and healing.



We believe that it is possible to overcome sexual addictions and to regain control of your life. In a group setting, the LifeStar program provides men who struggle with pornography and sexual addiction the tools and support to find hope, healing, and lasting recovery.

Our innovative group therapy programs teach men and women how to stop destructive behaviors, re-establish trust with loved ones, and live a life that reflects their most important values. By addressing underlying issues, the LifeStar program enables individuals to stop the behavior and find long-lasting, permanent recovery.

The LifeStar program is divided into three phases of treatment, which are lead by experienced, licensed therapists.



Our Partner’s Betrayal Trauma Program addresses the hurt and pain associated with a loved one’s sexual addiction. In a safe and comforting group setting, we work together to guide you out of isolation, chaos, shame, and hurt. We help you develop strength, clarity, and reestablish safety.

In our unique program you will gain a connection with individuals who understand what you’re going though, a wealth of resources to deepen your healing, tools and a voice to cope, accountability, and a deeper understanding of sexual addiction.